Food and Health

In addition to the diseases that come from nutritional deficiencies, a poor diet has a direct effect on health.
Some foods are poisonous while other help fight against infection ... Sometimes a disease is the direct result of poor diet. This is the case of arteriosclerosis that is the leading cause of death.

In fact all aspects of life are related to food: welfare, sleep, mood, and aging. The operation and maintenance of all organs - heart, liver, brain, bones, muscles - depends on what we put on the plate. Even the immune system can be strengthened through a good nutrition.

The goal of this section is to how to define a diet for a longer life... The choice of food is crucial for the health!

Maintaining good vision with age
Macular degeneration is not the only harm to vision. To prevent all the pains that affect it with age, a good diet is required.

How to test online your health and fitness
A selection of sites providing online tools.

What food against cancer?
The results of the biggest compilation of studies and articles, by the WCRF.

Sleep and health
Lack of sleep is bad for health but excess is bad as much! So, how long should we sleep?

Food to avoid or relieve headaches
A major cause of headache is in bad diet, looking at it in depth.

There is a trend that is now adopted by most stars, including Britney Spear and Tom Cruise. It is related to diet but this time it is neither capricious nor harmfull, it is good for health.

Teeth and the health

Soda linked to pancreatic cancer
Study reveals link between drinking soda and this almost mortal kind of cancer.

Ginkgo Biloba
A growing marked these days. This product has it all the effect that are claimed?

The perfect diet against the cardiovascular risk has been defined by the British Medical Journal

Diet to sleep
Maybe you wonder if food has some effect on sleep. Yes it has, it is not the sole factor but you can sleep better with a good diet.

Trans fatty acids
The usual food and specially industrial cookies commonly contain a poison. They cause 60000 death each year in USA according to a scientific study.

Internet is good for the brain
Several studies linked Internet with a better health.

Google Doctor
Search engines are perfect tools to help doctors to found a disease when symptoms are searched on the engine. Google itself discovered that the trends in searches may inform of epidemics, faster than governemental agencies!

Fast food increase the risk or Alzheimer
A word about fast food: is it good or bad for health? The answer is in a study by searchers: it is very convenient on a practical viewpoint but on the long term.

Too much quantities of water
(Or any other liquid) will cause severe diseases... Hydration if good for health, but on the contrary...

Cigarettes and health.

Diabetes and food
Some famous women suffering from diabetes.

Food for bones

Food and cancer

Pancreatic cancer

Cancer survival

Causes of headaches

Food and infarction

Glycemic index