Foods and Health

Variety in choice of foods provides to the body nutrients needed to build it and protect it. These nutrients are available in specific foods as we will see.
Some recipes also are distinguished by their good composition and must be recommended. It is also the purpose of this page.

The nutritional value of meat
Eating meat every day is it bad for health? Why?

What foods to lower the glycemic index?
How to replace foods that boost glucose in blood, by equivalent food without this risk to health?

Spices, do they bring something to your health?

Rice, a rich food.

Is chocolate good for health?
Is it a drug? Does it promote overweight? Acne? A comprehensive study based on the chemical compounds of this aliment.

One of the five polymeal ingredients, and a longevity factor.

A true medicinal food has it can prevent disease but cure some too. To be consumed weekly at least.

Grape and resveratrol
A complete food efficient againt lot of disease.

To eat daily in small quantities to promote health.

Coffee and health
Coffee is good for the brain and protects agains many risk according to scientific studies. In some case, tea should be preferred.

A complete meal that invades the world. In the U.S. it competes with and replaces hamburgers, so actually this is advantageous because it is a healthy food and good for health.

Prunes as anti-aging
The first anti-aging fruit.

Its nutritional qualities. It is not just an accompaniment for roasted turkey, but one food to eat often even if it is full of energy.

Food for slimness
A list of foods that are either favorable to slimness or at least good for the health.

Food for longevity
The rule of Okinawa, where lot of people become centennial.