Coffee and Health

Coffee is one of the most popular beverage in the world, it is in the Nordic countries that it is consumed the most. It has many beneficial effects on health provided you do not exceed 4 cups a day. According to biological studies, the best time to consume would fall between 9:30 am and 11 am.


It is not well defined, nor the beginning of the consumption which is sometimes located in the XII th or XV th centuries. It would have been first consumed in Ethiopia and Arabia and arrived in Europe in the sixteenth century.

Whether in the Arab world or Europe, for permission to drink coffee and more again opening coffee shops has often been a source of conflict between the Orthodox or the rulers and the people. Always the last finally win.

Main types of coffees

Virtues and drawbacks according to scientific studies


Drawbacks or dangers

It is mainly attributed to caffeine, but not only.

Coffee and alertness

According to a study published by Nature, regular consumption of coffee causes an addiction to the anxiogenic effect, so it makes no longer depressed between two cups, but also used to the alertness: he makes no more alert and vigilant.
Taking a coffee to wake up is only effective when it is very casual. Otherwise it tends instead to make
apathetic and we must drink it only to regain a normal state.

Decaffeinated or not

Decaffeinated coffee has a significant remaining dose of caffeine.

If one does not abide coffee, because for exemple such a tension too high, tea must be preferred thet also contains caffeine, but diffused over time.


Distribution of cultures according to the types of coffee.

Legend: R) obusta A) Rabici M) Both.


  1. Coffee protects the brain. It neutralizes the damage of cholesterol.
  2. Too much coffee may reduce breast size.
  3. Coffee reduces risk of Alzheimer's.
  4. Coffee combat Alzheimer's disease. Another study earlier.