Nutrition and Diet

Do you know that your diet must evolve over time? It must change to each step in your life...

But at any age you have an enemy to fight: free radicals. A lot of foods hold the antioxidants that can kill them, here is the list.

What foods for essential amino acids?
Longevity depends in part on the intake of amino acids and they are obtained through a very elaborate diet.

Good and bad food combinations
For better digestion and better feed his body, a list of foods that should be combined in a meal. This can be done with traditional recipes.

Colors of foods and nutrition
Colors of the fruits and vegetables does it matter nutritionally? In fact, each color corresponds to an active molecule.

The classification of foods for longevity
Based on the amount of antioxidants, the ranking of fruits and vegetables. Are also listed other properties against aging.

The French paradox explained
Why French with butter, pastries, have fewer heart problems than Americans?

Vegan children promised to death
The irony of a strict vegan diet to protect animals is that human could die of it!

Hungry, why and how to control it.
The mechanisms, and the foods to stop hunger.

Food to get rid of wrinkles.
Looking at Japanese women and their diet.

Harvard's food pyramid explained, for a balanced diet. This modern model indicates the recommended proportions of each type of food for better health. It replaces the more traditional model for a balanced diet and changes the proportions.

It would be wrong to skip the breakfast - as too often - because it has its part in a balanced diet. Review of practices at breakfast and their nutritional value.

Fat food reduces cognitive abilities according to a recent study. A diet aimed at slimness has not only an aesthetic purpose, it can also improve the intelligence!

Calcium helps to live longer, according to a serious study.

Good and bad foods.
The list may be completed and must be memorized both in search of slimness and to a better health.

Healthy eating tips.
But the content is not enough, the form is important too, we need to get the good habits.

If you want to know what is the ideal percent of cheese that must be included into a sandwich, there is a site to performe the calculation for you! And the formula of the cheese part is rather complex.

Our body is able to build all the bricks it needs to renew it cells, we have just to provide it the materials required to this "factory"...

Food and intelligence.
Can foods to improve the intelligence?

Diet after 50
The body must be preserved by an appropriate diet, even before this age.

Air in food provides satiety
It is the result of a scientific study.

How to suppress the sensation of hunger for slimming
Always hungry?

Vitamin D
Deficiency causes lot of pains.