The Ideal Breakfast

Breakfast is often skipped and it is a mistake because it is essential to start the day in the best conditions.

Do not eat anything for breakfast

When it is not frugal, it is often composed of food containing sugars which is not the best to build the reserves of the day.

Reviewing the foods at breakfast in Western countries...

Cafe au lait

It is the union of opposites, milk cancels the virtues of anti-oxidant in the coffee. A coffee at breakfast is not bad, and often useful to awake. Milk is superfluous.

For children, it is the coffee that is superfluous.

Chocolate is the contrary of coffee and promotes sleep.

Cornflakes and cereals

It is not bad, but it is not the panacea as consisting mainly of carbohydrates.


A ration of proteins is necessary in the morning. Neither the egg, or ham are the most appropriate products for that in a daily basis.
A sardine, soybeans, almonds offer an alternative.


Whether it be fresh produce or fruit juice, their vitamins are essential to supplement the daily ration.
No breakfast without fruit!

Dairy products

After the age of 5 years, dairy products are unnecessary and can be replaced by other sources of protein or calcium.

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