Food and intelligence

Are there any foods that make us more intelligent? Beyond the period of gestation and the first months, this does not seem proven. But what is certain is that help maintain the brain and that even if that does not increase the IQ, it is possible to operate at 100% his mental capacities and improve the morale.


Some fats are essential for maintenance of the brain: the Omega 3. They are found in fish (mackerel, sardines in particular) and in rapeseed oil.

Other fats are harmful. Trans fatty acids, which appear in the ingredients of cheap biscuits as "hydrogenated fats", are considered a poison by nutritionists. They certainly help to preserve the food, but not our body.


Sugars have no effect on the brain, there is no need to eat chocolate bars before an exam.

Yet the brain works with glucose, but it is provided by it is provided by the reserves and the digestion of slow sugars, such as pasta, rice, bread...


Proteins are broken down by digestion into amino acids. Some of them are chemical mediators. They have a particular role in mood and avoid depression.

Animal proteins provide better components for the body than proteins coming from vegetables, but this does not oblige to eat too much meat. Eggs and fish provide an equivalent contribution.
Among vegetables, seeds (lentils, beans) are the richest in protein.

Vitamins and minerals

They are essential for the metabolism and fight against the aging of cells, and neurons are cells... Antioxidants are therefore crucial, and many foods (tomatoes, apples) can provide them.

It has long been said that phosphorus improves memory and we need to eat fish as a result. However there is no scientific study to prove it.
Yet it is true that fish is actually good for your brain, thanks to Omega 3 it brings ...