Healthy Eating Tips

A diet based on the choice of foods, their content in sugar and fat , their glycemic index, is not enough to avoid overweight or obesity. Good habits about food are very important too.

When to eat

This seems obvious, but it is better to eat only during the meal! Because one is tempted to nibble at any time, to accompany the television with popcorn and other sweetmeats for example.
The stomach needs to rest. It is not good neither to skip meals, nor to add one!

A real breakfast

To go to worj after just a frugal breakfast is a bad habit that tends to favor compensations, and the result is shown by statistics: most children who do not take breakfast are obese.
In breakfast it is recommended to eat fruits or fruit juice, a hot drink, but some proteins are also needed.
Cereals are an easy way to get a daily breakfast but it not enough.

Full lunch and dinner

These two meals should not be used to compensate a lack of breakfast, but be complete with fruits and vegetables and occasionally meat and fish.
Dinner must not be neither too rich nor too fat, because the body tends to store overnight.

We must be hungry at the end of a meal, otherwise we have too much eaten.

Balancing meals

A balanced diet should include three food groups: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, the former being the majority in quantity.

But more specifically it is balanced if it contains on average over the week, the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) of vitamins and minerals.

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