Diet after 50

Food is not the same at different ages, there are levels in the time that require a change in his eating habits for essential reasons.

We must resign, after 5, the time for sweets is gone, we can still consume them again on an exceptional basis, but the time has come to follow a diet designed for ourselves in a goal of longer life, keeping the best possible his physical state.
We need fewer calories than before, and more of many other things, less excess - if any - and greater balance.

Preserving itself

What should be preserved? Primarily the intellect, bones, cells, muscle mass. And at any age we must maintain its weight.

Intelligence and memory

As was detailed in the article about food and Intelligence, the memory is no question of phosphorus, even though many minerals are essential to the functioning of the brain, the key element is the Omega 3 essential oil.


Osteoporosis becomes a threat from 50, especially among women. To prevent it, there are foods that are good for preserving the bones, those that are rich in calcium, with a recommended intake of vitamin D.
But, and it does not cost anything, do not forget a little exercise, walking, hiking, jogging, it's very appropriate.


The enemy of cells, and the first factor of aging, are free radicals that destroy them. A diet rich in antioxidants helps to neutralize them.
As they are also one of the causes of cancer, it allows the same time to preserve against it (subject to other causes, including environmental).
All fruits and vegetables help to combat aging. Some are more effective, see our articles on food.

Muscle mass

It could be preserved with an adequate intake of protein, 1 gram per 1 kg. The best proteins are provided by meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products.
In addition, meat provides iron, another factor in good health, but with the disadvantage of increasing the fat and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Also it must be offset by a sufficient contribution in Omega 3.
Some foods rich in iron from time to time would be better than meat every day, because the best regime, following by people who have the greatest longevity, as Okinawa or Crete, contains just few meat.


This diet after 50 years could be used profitably to 18 or 30 old too. It is not specific, it is essential to this age, the differences in behavior are less well supported, especially if they are frequent.