The Causes of Headaches

You experience frequent headaches, the causes are well known and come from the behavior and food.

The causes of migraines

  1. The dehydration is a major cause of headaches. Thickening of blood cause bad circulation in the brain, migraine is inevitable. To be sure you moisturize continually make regular breaks for a drink. Or put a bottle of water next to you on the desktop.
  2. Do not miss your coffee daily. If you typically take each day one or two cafes, do not abstain on a given day. Continue to take it to prevent migraine. You can switch to tea if you like, gradually, in this case continue to take tea regularly.
  3. Just sleep unexpectedly for one hour, breaking the sleep-waking cycle, disrupt metabolism and cause a headache. Try to have a stable pace, going to bed each day at the same time. (Reference: Lisa Mannix, National Headache Foundation in Chicago, USA).
  4. Watch the position of your body, especially in the office, facing a computer. The head right, in alignment with the shoulders. Some nerves go from the front to the neck, a tension in the neck, the shoulders, affect the nervous system.
  5. Some substances cause migraines. Nitrates, tyramine. They affect neuro-transmitters.
  6. Indirectly a change in blood sugar can also affect the body. Stress creates a surge of adrenaline pumping blood sugars and the rapid change of glucose can cause a headache.
  7. Too many bluntness in the movement is detrimental, the change of state assets at rest without transition disrupts brain chemistry. Lay up slowly, take a book first before going to sleep.
  8. Alcohol is a cause of migraines, especially the evening.
  9. Influenza, not necessarily felt, causes headaches over several days.
  10. Some deodorants at home or insecticides can also cause migraines. You must use masks like those worn by some cyclists to protect themselves from gas.
  11. Formaldehyde is a chemical released by furniture made in particles board, also known as chipboard or MDF. More furniture are numerous and recent, the more it frees the chemical. In worst case it is accompanied by nausea and this causes on long-term lung cancer. So choose carefully your furniture suppliers.
  12. A lack of iron, even without visible symptoms of anemia causes migraines. It induces a deficit in red blood cells that feed oxygen into the body and the brain needs oxygen.
  13. A lack of vitamin D leads to more frequent inflammations, and migraine is often caused by inflammation in the brain. If you experience these pains usually in winter, it is recommended to take vitamin D supplements (which are often provided with calcium). This is actually the only additive that is recommended for all, in the northern hemisphere. The lack of sun is the cause of vitamin D deficiency.
  14. A permeable bowel is also the result of lack of vitamin D, but also too frequent intake of aspirin, and a certain diet. Intestinal walls are weakened and let pass into the blood molecules that cause inflammations. In this case, avoid:
    • Milk.
    • Gluten.
    • Food hard to digest like seeds.
    • Excess of coffee.
  15. Chronic sinusitis is a cause of persistent migraine. The presence of yeast infection (aspergillosis) causes inflammation that spreads to the blood and the brain. The main symptom is a runny nose, but if the flow is too weak it will flow down the throat and go unnoticed. It can cause edema which compresses the eyeball and causes a stinging sensation in the eye. It is then advisable to pass a scanner to detect the presence of anomaly in the sinuses.
  16. A persistent headache can be caused by an excess of drugs, including products precisely against headache, such as paracetamol taken beyond the dosage. In this case migraine can not be eliminated by taking these drugs.

Foods that give migraine

How to wash his hands.

Avoid migraines

First learn to wash your hands to prevent inflammation caused by bacteria. According to a recent study, 90% of people do not know how to wash hands properly. But this is simple: to rub soap on both sides of the hands. Wait 20 seconds. Rinse ...

Brushing your teeth after every meal, always due to bacteria. Brush even the tongue and gums ...

Physical exercise with a good hydration improves blood circulation, helps sleep and helps eliminate headaches. In winter you can combat it as one does for a sore throat or a cold even if it does not feel the effects as fever.

Then see if among all other possible causes, one can affect you ...

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