The detox is the purification of the body to eliminate toxins and it is a trend, many stars claim the benefits of their treatment for detox, including Britney Spear, while Tom Cruise opened a cure center devoted to detox.

Besides the rules rather fanciful sometimes advocated by one or the other, there is a set of principles whose effectiveness is tested in medical dietetics. It is a healthy diet along with some recipes that we will see.

Why detox?

Pollution, food excesses in festivals, poor diet or too much food, stress, causes an accumulation of causes of diseases that leads you to this state where you have to say that detoxification is necessary.

The body can eliminate toxins, and it is the role of the kidneys, lungs, sweating, all elimination mechanisms but they can be overwhelmed. And you have the dull skin, swollen eyes, intestinal disorders, joint pain, headaches, fatigue...

Diet for detox

The return to a natural diet is the essential condition of a detox treatment.

As you see, this scheme is to food that is already recommended to avoid certain diseases (including myocardial infarction), it is a synthesis and it is accompanied by other measures, because the goal is to recover a state of lack of fitness.

Change your lifestyle

To better eliminate you should drink plenty: water course, or herbal teas in the evening ...

The physical activity maintains the body. The simplest and the best is walking but you are spoiled for choice. In town, go the a fitness center....

Sleep is another factor of the form. To bed earlier if you also rises at dawn, take a nap if you can. Rest in bed to recover at least twice a week if there is a lack of sleep.

Fasting (some as recommended) is quite unnecessary, but reduce the daily diet, stay hungry, as recommended by the rule of Okinawa, it is a guarantee of longevity.


The detox fashion does not in itself refer to a scientific study, but it takes a set of principles recognized by scientific studies as well as a daily experience in particular fields.

A food dramatically reduced, more drinks, sleep and exercise are enough to restore the form and give a fresh complexion in three weeks.