FAQ About Diet, Food and Fitness

How to prevent myocardial infarction?
Reducing saturated fats in the diet is not a solution as it was long thought.

Arabica or robusta coffee?
Which of the two types of coffee is it the best for health, helps prevent certain diseases?

How many cups of coffee can you drink a day?
Given coffee has positive effects on health, on long-term, how many cups could you drink regularly before it is too much?

Can you use aspirin regularly without detriment to health?
Based on several scientific studies, aspirin has both beneficial and harmful effects. The decision depends on the health of everyone.

What fish to eat?
Which contain mercury or not? Are they recommended for health?

Should you drink tea in a bottle?
Tea may be good for health, but in a bottle?

Sugar is it bad for health?
The theory of Dr. Lustig studied in detail.

Aspartame is it bad for health?
Update on various studies.

Is it better to lose weight quickly or slowly?
The answer is surprising.

Do antioxidants promote longevity?

Do you lose weight while you are sleeping?

How not to be hungry?
Some tips...

Coca-cola is it bad for the health?

Red wine is it really good for arteries?
If yes, why?

Soft drugs could they harm your health?

Do sports help people to lose weight?
There is a myth here, but what is the myth?

How to live longer?
Thanks to many studies on centenarians, a set of advices was got you just have to follow to be sure to live older.

How many calories in a hamburger?
Can we eat it on a daily basis?

Why do we have vertigo?
Is it a physiological or mental effect?

Decaffeinated coffee has it the virtues of raw coffee?
Can we replace the latter by the former without losing the virtues for health?

What is the difference between good and bad cholesterols?
How to get good cholesterol in food and avoid the bad one?

Red Bull is it good or bad for health?
It is is worldwide known for its Formula 1 team, that make ads for a drink.

Can we replace potatoes with turnips?
They have is much less calories, but has them the same nutritional value?

Beer is it bad for health?
We get very contradictory information on this subject, so it is good to make a study based on serious statistics.

Vitamin supplements are they effective?
Supplementing his diet with vitamins in food supplements, is a natural reaction when you know the beneficial effects of vitamins on health, particularly against cancer.
Studies show the contrary it is better to rely on natural food.

Food can it help to fight infection and inflammation?
The balanced diet actually goes with health because some vitamins and minerals boost the immune system.

Why is flu spreading in winter?
A combination of causes...