Arabica or robusta coffee?

Which of the two types of coffee is it the best for health, helps prevent certain diseases?

Short answer

We know that the Robusta is stronger in caffeine, but it is not necessarily less rich of other molecules and precisely, a study has been devoted to determining for each type of coffee the amount of certain key components which are been proved beneficial to longevity. It concludes that robusta is the best against diabetes, arabica against Alzheimer!

Long answer

The question of choice could be no longer relevant in a few years if the climate continues to warm, as Arabica plants which require a temperate climate will not resist, while it will not affect the robusta. But even in this extreme case, it would be useful to know if the second has the same properties as the first.

These depend to a list of components:

  • Caffeine. It maintains alertness, helps eliminate fat, improves physical performance and memory. In addition it also combines with some other components (we do not know exactly how) to give them their health properties.
  • Chlorogenic acids. These are phenolic compounds, thus antioxidants, which reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular problems.
  • Trigonelline. This alkaloid protects the brain and thus reduces the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. It blocks the migration of cancer cells, reduces cholesterol.
  • Diterpenes have lesser effects, they are ignored here because they are absorbed by the paper filters.

Comparison of contents depending on the variety of coffee (roasted):

Arabica vs robusta, their counpounds

According to this study :

  • Robusta has three times more caffeine than arabica.
  • It contains 5 times more chlorogenic acids which makes it more effective against diabetes.
  • But half the trigonelline, so is less beneficial against the neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.

We must also add that green coffee contains twice phenol and also more trigonelline than roasted coffee. If you want to further increase the yield and you yourself grind the coffee, the better the product texture is fine - and thus the longer you grind - and the more caffeine and other components are obtained. The method of preparation has also its importance, espresso has more performance than any other way of preparing it.

Finally, you choose your coffee depending on your predispositions to contract such disease types, and knowing that the green coffee and espresso have the most positive impact on health.