Food Can It Protect Against Diseases?

Can we improve the immune system through a better diet? Are there foods that can prevent diseases?

Short answer

We know the value of good nutrition in the fight against cancer, cardiovascular diseases, but it also helps fighting against infections. Some minerals and vitamins help to build the immune system and fight against inflammations. These include iron, zinc, vitamin A and C.
However it would be wrong to rely on food supplements to improve the health as we saw in the article on food supplements.
Note that food itself can be a source of infection and you have to take care to the time limits for consumption.

Long answer

A balanced diet helps maintaining the immune system.


Mainly vitamins A, C and beta-carotene. They are useful to the immune system. We find the vitamin C in kiwi, peppers, cabbage. Vitamin A in liver, butter, egg yolk. Beta-carotene in carrots and spinach.


The sources of zinc are seafood (oysters and other shellfish, crustaceans), wheat germ, brewer's yeast, pulses, green vegetables.


He participates in the construction of red blood cells that oxygenate the body and eliminate waste. Found in liver, red meat.

Intestinal flora

She participates in the destruction of microbes. It can be maintained by eating some yoghurt in the week. Probiotics are micro-organisms that are found in the bifidus and whose effect is proven.


Garlic contains many molecules against infection. Eat regularly, even daily is recommended.


A bay that fights urinary tract infections.