Are Vitamin Supplements Effective?

If I take vitamins in food supplements, what will happen on my health, have them the same effect as food?

Short answer

A recent study shows that in the case of sport, taking vitamin supplements has a negative effect. Indeed exercises by the body develops the ability to fight against oxidation but the natural reaction of the organism is thwarted by taking nutritional supplements.

In conclusion, it is better to rely on a balanced diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants than on pharmaceuticals products.

Long answer

Dietary supplements are considered by many scientific studies, even though we expect they help to maintain health, on the contrary to have a harmful effect, sometimes even carcinogenic if the dose is excessive.

Physical exercise produces free radicals, but this has the effect of triggering a response in the body that stimulates the defense against oxidation.
And if you think you lack anti-oxidants and that taking food supplements can provide additional input to fill the gap, you are wrong because that bypasses in fact the natural defense mechanisms, that is confirmed by the study referenced below.
This is not the case of fruit and vegetables because they contain many other molecules and their effect on the organism is more complex.

A second study shows that the attempt to treat cancer by a vitamin supplement (vitamins which we know have been beneficial against the development of cancer), had the opposite of the desired effect: it increased the death rate!

This second study confirms the results of the first, it is the excessive doses of vitamins that has a negative effect, which is why we must rely on inputs provided by natural food ... which must be rich in fruits and vegetables, however.