Do sports help people to lose weight?

Is it enough to make sport to expect losing unwanted kilos? I would like to end a myth, but I do not know what is the myth, that sport is losing weight or vice versa...

Short answer

The shorter is the sport and the more intensively the body uses of sugars whose stock will be replenished quickly. Prolonged, sport does consume fat and tends to sculpt the silhouette.
The sport is not enough to lose weight if not accompanied by an appropriate diet, but we can not answer the question with a simple calculation of calories consumed, there is the myth because the sport is part of a healthy behavior.
Whether the sport is losing weight or not, is not important in fact, since it is essential to health.

Long answer

A simple calculation of calories consumed and amount of fat used shows that physical activity must be really long to see kilos disappear with the flow of perspiration. And one adds to bolster that the sport makes you hungry and so you quickly compensate for the calories burned.
But the calculation is perhaps a little too simple and the affirmation too agreed and probably demagogic.

For whoever takes the trouble to make sport will be more inclined to bother watching his diet.

Consuming fat

More sports activity lasts, the more it tends to consume fats. This is something that one does not normally, unless one seriously suffers from famine: the energy is more easily obtained from sugar that the liver diffuses into the blood or that is stored in muscles.

It thus has the advantage of eliminating storage of fat that do not necessarily corresponds to a beautiful silhouette.

The most recommended sports are walking or hiking, jogging, swimming, cycling. Violent sports like tennis and football are less desirable beyond thirty years.

Jane Fonda and aerobics

Jane Fonda is often cited as an example of eternal youth. At age 50 she looked 35. Her aerobics classes - that she has popularized - have sold millions of copies, in part, because of its slim silhouette. And it has kept it slim until today.

Aerobics and other similar physical activities practiced in fitness centers have the advantage of using all the muscles to strengthen them and thus maintain the body and prevent it to be sclerotic.

The low-calorie diet

In terms of food as in sports, habits that are good to be slim are all ways necessary for health as well.
Eating fruits and vegetables, cut meat, fats, sugars, as one continuously repeats, it is essential to prevent diseases that are the main cause of mortality.
And it slims the silhouette.