How not to be hungry?

How to remove hunger, other than eating, of course, in order to eat less?

Short answer

In most cases, the sensation of hunger is a false impression, a desire which disappears if one stops to think to it.
The best way to suppress the sensation may be physical activity or any interesting activity on which to concentrate.

Long answer

We must learn to make the difference between appetite and hunger. In the first case, it is an urge to eat, in the second, a lack of food.
We can not be really hungry if we take three meals a day, even little rich. But we may want to eat.

We can fool the envy in many ways ... But it would be wrong to snack because it only increases the desire to eat on a long term.

Drink a glass of water

This fills the stomach and may be sufficient to suppress the urge to eat.

Do not think about food

Doing anything that has nothing to do with food.

Regulating sugar

To regulate the amount of sugar in the blood, which is a factor of appetite, we can combine proteins and sugars in the diet.

Killing time

We will eat in an hour, but we are hungry, how to wait?
Sporting activity has the immediate effect of eliminating hunger. This may be a good way to deceive, if possible, walking, cycling or any other activity.
The hunger is suppressed for a period of about an hour and come back later, stronger, but at this time, it will be the lunchtime.

In addition, we should avoid eating at night, this reduces the quality of sleep, and promotes fat storage.