How to live longer?

Can we be sure to live longer with a special diet or by modifying his lifestyle?

Short answer

To answer this question, researchers interviewed centenarians in several countries and received similar answers.
- A diet low in calories is a factor in longevity.
- A daily activity lengthens life. The majority of very elderly people participated in sport.

Long answer

Extending the existence

You'll have more chance of becoming a centenarian in making sure your diet and lifestyle incorporate the following ...

Playing sports

Running 40 minutes per day 5 days per week. This keeps the body physically, but also the brain. This fight not only heart problems but also cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

Eating fruits and vegetables

Vitamins are essential to the metabolism, reconstruction of cells and protection against infections and viruses.

Omega 3

These are fats that promote the elimination of bad cholesterol in the body. They are found in canola oil, fish.

Vitamin D

It is linked to longevity. Please check you have 3 milligrams of vitamin D in the blood. They fight infections, cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.


The diet should provide 30 grams of fiber per day. This helps to lose weight, eliminates the bad cholesterol. They are found in cereals, lentils and seeds in general. Use rich bread rather than white bread.

Reducing calories

Reduce the proportion of calories below the recommended intake is beneficial for longevity when it comes with food richer in vitamins and minerals.

Avoid stress

Stress inhibits the communication between brain cells. To avoid this, some tips: meditation, nature, a nap, funny websites ...

Using Internet

It helps to maintain the brain. Mere consultation site is enough to a beneficial effect. Participation is even better.

Whether we will live longer

Some factors are frequently found among people living longer.

  • A heart that beats more slowly. This can be achieved also by endurance sport.
  • When you look younger than your age.
  • For a woman, having children later is an indication of longevity. A late menopause too.

Some factors are associated with a shorter lifetime.

  • Having fat around the waist.
  • Drowsiness and snoring. This is an indication of poor sleep and bad breath.