Is it better to lose weight quickly or slowly?

If you want the effect to be lasting, must be avoided losing a lot of weight in a short time?

Short answer

One is tempted to reply that what is gained over time is more likely to persist than what is a casual effort, but a study shows instead that rapid weight loss is more likely to maintain over time.

Long answer

Professor Lisa Nackers and the University of Florida studied the association between weight loss and relapse rates, and the number of people regaining lost weight at the end of the plan.
The surprising result is that it is a rapid weight loss that is more efficient in the long term.

The study shows that if one wants to lose weight, it is best to start with more determination than to go shyly.

The study included 260 women, who were asked to have a physical activity and change their diet to reduce calories, and covering a period of 18 months. And they were five times more likely to have lost weight at the end of this period when they adopted a plan significant and rapid.

The explanation is that giving ourselves a better self image, let we feel better and it encourages to persevere.

Getting a feeling of lightness, as swiftly as possible is good for morale