Weight Loss Tips

They cost nothing, are easy to put in practice, contribute to some good diet. These tips are based on facts proven medically and they are all well known. I have confronted the list with the facts already in the site to provide the most undoubted collection.
Choose 10 to apply and you will see a stable weight loss in a week ...

Cinnamon and yoghurt

Every day take a yogurt with cinnamon.

An apple before a meal

Eat an apple 15 minutes before a meal.

Skimmed milk

Replace whole milk with skimmed milk.

Carrot juice and green tea

Avoid sodas and sports or sugary drinks. These include Coca-Cola.
Drink green tea, carrot juice instead.


Eat-in possibly every day. It contains powerful antioxidants and fight hunger.


Vinegar can help to lose weight and perhaps to lower cholesterol. Surely you've got to replace mayonnaise and other sauces by vinagrette.

Olive oil

Add olive oil when you can, or rather use it to replace other fats. But not replace sources of omega 3 because it contains mostly omega 6.

Red wine

Small amounts of wine is not harmful and especially red wine that helps lower cholesterol.


Add pepper in food.


Try to put more calcium in your diet. It's easy with cheese and skim milk.
Eat goat cheese (sparingly) instead of cheese made from cow's milk.


With sauce or otherwise, soy helps to lose weight while providing protein.


Cocoa is generally considered good for health but it also depends on its quality. Chocolate may contain a quantity of sugar and fat added. This can be controlled using pure cocoa topped with a share of sugar and a share of sweetener.

Dry beans and lentils

Eat all kinds of dry beans and lentils at least once a week. They are not fat and even reduce fat storage.

Eat slowly

Use various means that will make you eat more slowly. This will also make you eat less.

Hearty breakfast

It makes you eat less the rest of the day.

Space meals

Do not eat between meals and do not start eating within three hours after the previous one.

Long walk

No need for intense physical activity. A bit of walking, hiking or better.

Other things, less easy to implement ...


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