Foods for slimness

As substitutions for other foods, or for themselves, their property is to avoid overweight either because they contain no fat, or because they eliminate fat, they cut the hunger, or they habe another favorable action on themetabolism.

Cabbage leaf

Or broccoli. Feeding without being fat, it has the property to absorb fats and eliminate them.

Carrot (uncooked)

Food without fat , it is diuretic, promotes elimination of toxins.


Low calories, must spend even more calories to digest it than it delivers.


Very low in calories.


Contains vitamins but very few calories.


Although containing fat, eating an egg at breakfast has a positiveoverall effect because according to scientific studies it reduceshunger in the day.

Soya milk

It is used in place of butter in cooking, in sauces. Less fat than milk, it provides asimilar taste, unlike margarine.

Campaign bread

Replacing white bread. It is less well digested and therefore provides lower calorie intakes.


Less fat than meat, also contains good fat (Omega 3).




With resveratrol, a factor of vitality and consumption of calories, it helps to lose weight.


Low glycemic index, low in calories, food to eat without restraint.