Chocolate, Slimness and Health

Chocolate is recommended for health, is it forslimness? What kindof chocolate should I prefer, dark or milk? Can we bedrugged to chocolate?

This study will answer these questions. But above all, if you careabout slimness you will seek to reduce the proportion of sugar against cocoain the choice of a product. Although cocoa is fat, it contains fattyacids beneficial to health.


Chocolate was bring to Europe by Cortes who introduced the king ofSpain a exotic drink, the Xocolatl. The original name is verycontroversial (chocolatl, chicolatl) butno doubt that the Spaniardsfound chocolate in the Aztec culture.
Cocoa beans are harvested in Central America since at least 1100 years BC.
Beans were erased to produce a powder and used as a drink flavored with vanilla, or with pepper or other spices.


It begins always the same way but then is diversified to produce different chocolates with also very different nutritional qualities.

Cocoa butter can be replacedbyother vegetable fats, with an effect on health that is negative. Toprevent them, you must refer to the label of traditional quality.

Compounds of cocoa

Apart from the sugar that addedis in chocolate, cocoa and morespecifically the cocoa butter has many rather beneficial compounds.

Chocolate also contains lead, but in sufficiently small quantities to be eliminated by the body.

Benefits of chocolate for health

They have been established by numerous scientific studies.

A significant consumption of chocolate does not promote atherosclerosis.

The studies did not confirm the popular belief that chocolatepromotes acne. But this effect can be linked to the consumption ofsugars.

Chocolate recipe


  • Dark Chocolate: 40g.
  • Milk: 20 cl.
  • Cream: 2 cl.
  • Cinnamon: A pinch.

Melt chocolate bars, with the cream.
Add the milk and mix. Add cinnamon.

Is chocolatea drug?

Some compounds could promote a slight addiction, rather than anactual addiction. In fact he has a small and lasting euphoria effect, and thisadded to the pleasure of taste when it is good is incentive forconsumption.
One can say that it stimulates the appetite without causing more addictionthancheese.


Dark chocolate is most useful to health whilemilkchocolate loses much of the benefits. In addition, the percentage ofsugar also significantly alters its qualities.
Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa andcocoa butter added (with label) isthe only one who really contributes to health. Except if quantities are consumed butan excessive intake of sugar and fat would be a factor inobesity although its fatty acids are not harmful.

Note that weshould not give chocolate to animals, because their metabolism can not eliminate theobromine.