The food of longevity

In some countries, and more specifically in some regions, people live longer than elsewhere. This is mainly attributed to food and to a lesser extent lifestyle.


It is a region that has produced many centennials, more than in Japan where food is already recognized as conducive to longevity.
But young people in the region tend to follow the modern mode of fast food, which produces obeses, that will certainly end with the exception of Okinawa.

The cuisine of Okinawa

It is different from Japanese cuisine.
Key components are
- The umibudoo, algae with a pleasant taste, providing a quantity of minerals.
- The goya or niga-uri is a kind of squash containing very powerful antioxydants.

A very common dish, the champuru is based on tofu, vegetables, pork.

In short, a cuisine based on algae, fish and antioxydants, a complete and rather thin nutrition.

The rule of Okinawa

The components of'alimentation are not the whole. The rule of Okinawa is never to eat satiety, and always finish the meal a little hungry. Hunger will disapear after a while.