Fitness and Slimness

What is fitness? This word appears on the front of all the gyms, it means the physical activity performed in order to maintain the shape and slimness.

The goal of fitness is to sculpt the body and the result is given by model Ksenia Sukhinova, the new Miss World 2008 in photos and video. Another model is Jane Fonda, who was able through the practice of aerobic, to keep a look of young women up to sixty years! She helped popularize aerobic (a word invented in 1968 by Kenneth Cooper), and has developed its own method called Work out.

The aerobic, practised in music is a discipline among others. The exercises in the gym are designed to let work all muscles, particularly those that contribute to the maintenance, posture. We can use bike, treadmill walking and different devices.

The sports nutrition is based on a balanced diet but varies depending on time of preparation or recovery.


A scientific study shows that walking even only one hour per day in a natural environment helps to improve memory by 20%.

The best diet for slimness.