Sports and nutrition

It goes without saying that the diet depends on the sport you practice. Wrestlers try to gain weight, weight lifters want to get muscles and consume quantities of proteins.
But in general, athletes have a diet low in fat and slightly before a race, rich in iron and protein afterwards during recovery.

Essential nutrients

The practice of a sport requires an increased intake of essential minerals for the functioning of muscles and to prevent cramps:

B vitamins are also essential to a better use of energy. We can find an supplement easily (besides what come from brown rice) with yeast.

The sport is generating free radicals. They are more important in the body after activity because the production of energy by breaking molecules, releases these elements that destroy the cells in turn.
To eliminate them, we have to use:

Soderling was it well prepared?

Rafael Nadal before the competition

How Nadal prepares him before a competition?

To be fit, he trains four times a week and stretch before and after each session. Most importantly, his diet changes before each competition.

For breakfast, pasta and fish are de rigueur, it is important not to overload the body with fatty foods. He avoids meat in particular.

His breakfast consists of a bowl of cereals, bread, orange juice and chocolate.

Dinner is similar to lunch when it was a match the next day.


An athlete must have the same balanced diet as anyone. But his diet suits as it is in preparation for competition or recovery.
In all cases he must be more attentive than other to the intake of vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants.