Antioxidants are increasingly necessary when we advance in life because the body synthesizes them less and less. It would therefore be wrong to continue with his diet, it must evolve with time.

What is an antioxidant?

It is a molecule that prevents the oxidation of other molecules, so the loss of electrons in them, which become free radicals and move through the body, hit it up other molecules and destroy them. This may also promote cancer.

Antioxidants are able to associate with these free radicals, so to capture and prevent them from causing damage in tissues.

Most effective families of dietary antioxidants are polyphenols. Carotenoids, including lycopene (tomatoes) are very active. Vitamins A, C and E are antioxidants, and selenium too.
Flavonoids, tannins (coffee, tea, cocoa), anthocyanins (red fruits). Resveratrol (grapes).

Effects on health

Oxidation is the source of many diseases: cancer, stroke, neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson and Alzheimer).
This is the main cause of the apparent aging.
There is no scientific evidence that taking antioxidant in the form of food supplement is beneficial against these disease, so is it better to stick to natural products and proper nutrition.

Natural antioxidants

They are found in the plants for one simple reason: unable to move and protect themselves from the sun, they must produce the elements that protect them. They therefore contain many antioxidants. It is no coincidence that the plants located in regions most at risk, often containing the most.

List of foods rich in antioxidants

The figure in parentheses is the antioxidant power in Orac/100 g units.

Broadly speaking, green leaf vegetables, fruit.
Foods with a star are very active, but the number is not given at this time.

Antioxidants and aging

The following foods are recommended to delay aging: tomato, soybean, grains, cheese, broccoli, carrot.
Of course, all food in the list above are recommended.

But avoid these foods: potato chips, fatty cheese and whole milk, bread and white rice, red meat.

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