Why is pizza so successful? This pie with tomato invades homes, offices and is struggling to be delivered at you home any time of day.

Probably because it is simple and quick to prepare. But also because it is a healthy food and that it is preventing certain diseases, what we develop in this article.

Famous Pizza

In the beginning, the word pizza applied to a kind of cake used to test the temperature of the oven. So it was a dish of low quality provided to the poor people.

It was so difficult to distinguish pizza from the focaccia, a cake enriched with various ingredients. The first pizza was a kind of bread smeared with cream or lard.
Tomato sauce appears on pizza in the 18 th century. Alexandre Dumas wrote in 1844 that he found pizza with cheese, bacon, tomato, fish depending on availability of these products.

It ceases to be a popular dish in 1889 when a restaurant owner in Naples, Raffaele Esposito, created from order the Margherita, to Princess Margaret of Savoy. It includes tomatoes, mozzarella and basil.

Now the Neapolitan pizza has become a trademark in Italy.

Preparation levels

Although the preparation of a pizza is simple, there are several levels to make one:
- Manual preparation of the dough and filling.
- Use a pizza dough and tomato sauce.
- Frozen already entirely prepared.
- Use of home delivery, manufacturing often using industrial ingredients.

Pizza and health

The International Journal of Cancer published a study in 2003 showing the benefits of regular consumption of pizza against cancer.
- Reduction of tumors of the mouth of 40%.
- Less than 70% of cancers of the esophagus.
- Less than 25% of colon cancers.

This can be attributed in part to the tomato and antioxidant properties, the fact that it is a relatively complete food, vegetarian, and perhaps that is part of a lightly diet.

Some popular recipes

It only differ in the lining. Olive oil is present in all recipes.

Neapolitan pizza, which is a registered trademark by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, has three recipes: the Marinara, Margherita and the margherita with extra mozzarella from Campania bufalo exclusively.

Margherita: tomato, mozzarella, basil.
Marinara: tomato, garlic, oregano.
Roman: tomato, mozzarella, anchovies, oregano.
Sicilian: adds eggplant.
Capricciosa: mushrooms, mozzarella, artichoke, ham, olives.
Queen: tomatoes, mushrooms, ham, cheese.