How to Have a Better Memory?

How to improve memory at no cost, without resorting to some special food or pharmaceutical products?

The means exists and is given by a recent scientific study at the University of Michigan. Memory improves when you walk in nature, and conversely, the act of strolling through the streets of a city has no effect!

Just walk one hour, in a park for example, to increase memory performance by 20%.
The temperature has no effect, whether in winter with low temperature or in hot summer, the result is the same.

To confirm the theory, experiments were made with groups of students, that were sent in the wild and in botanical gardens, and the other in the streets of the city. The first improved their short-term memory by 20% and the other not.

We see that even the act of viewing photos of natural landscapes may be sufficient to improve attention and memory. Similar experiments have been tried on students who are showing some natural landscapes, or urban photos, and the first alone also showed an improvement of 20%.

In conclusion, knowing that we recommend at least one hour of walking per day, try to do in nature, it can improve intellectual performance.


Study published in the December 2008 issue of the Psychological Science journal.
By Marc Berman, John Jonides and Stephen Kaplan.