Good and Bad Foods

All scientific studies converge towards the same conclusions: a variety of foods are considered to be consumed regularly, without reserves, while some others and definitely not advisable to consume but very exceptionally.

Good food

They are those that:
- Are consistent with dietary recommendations.
- Provide a vital nutritional intake.

But some are beneficial however their consumption must be limited:

Bad foods

Are those that:
- Contains nutritional compounds that must be limited.
- Or harmful compounds such as bad cholesterol, alcohol, etc.

Matter of choice

Some choices are sufficient to improve the quality of food:

- Replace meat with fish.
- Rice and pasta complete or semi-complete instead of refined equivalent.
- Same for the bread.
- Yoghurt instead of sweetened yogurt.

Complete feedingstuffs may contain pesticides, so the choice of semi-complete because the outer layer of bark was stripped.

In conclusion

In general it is appropriate to reduce sugars and fats, not only to cover the slimness but for better health.