Eleglide M1 Plus vs Decathlon E-ST-100

Two perfectly competitive bikes, both capable of long climbs and with good range. This comparison is made on the basis of a real test, over time.

Eleglide M1 Plus vs Decathlon E-ST-100

The E-ST-100 is a better known brand but that does not imply greater reliability. The copy of the E-ST-100 that I used experienced power cuts on climbs. After being sent to the workshop and back, the power also cut out on the flat after a few kilometres. As for the exchange or recovery free of charge within 365 days, do not count on it.
I have less perspective on the M1 Plus but all the feedback and online reviews seem to indicate that it holds the road if I may say so...

Comparison of characteristics

  Eleglide M1 Plus Décathlon E-ST-100
Power 250-500 W 250 W
Battery 12.5 Ah (450 w/h) 10 Ah (380 w/h)
Autonomy 50-100 km 45-78 km
Max speed 25-32 km/h to set up 25 km/h
Energy recovery yes no
Progressivity yes no
Soft start yes no
Speedometer and odometer yes yes
Power modes 5 3
Number of gears 21 7
Hydraulic front suspension yes yes
Front/rear lights or reflector yes no
Kickstand yes no
Weight 21.7 kg 22.4 kg
Rider size 165-195 cm 150-200 cm depending
Cost in june 2022 800 € 1100 €

Description of characteristics

Advantages of the M1 Plus

Advantages of the E-ST-100

Conclusion: The ST-100 is elegant and can be obtained already assembled. It is intended for occasional use according to the manufacturer, and the engine must be spared. Its price has increased by 10% in one year.
The M1 Plus is cheaper, more powerful, has more battery life, and is technically more advanced. Its components have already been tested on other bikes and are reliable.

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