A nice electric bike

Selection of elegant, light VAE, usable with or without electric assistance.

Most of these bikes do not have shock absorbers and some have low volume tires, the elegance will make your journey harder on rocky paths.

To evaluate the autonomy, we will base ourselves on the capacity of the battery expressed in amperes. On average, because it depends on the terrain and the weight the bike carries. 7.5Ah corresponds to 15-30 km depending on the level of assistance, 10 Ah to 30-60 km, 12 Ah to 50-100 km on the Eleglide for example.

Motor power, or thrust, is expressed in Watts for the current delivered or in Newton/meters for the force exerted. 40 Nm are enough to tackle steep hills.

Elegant from Moovway

7.8 Ah 250W 22 kg 850 €

VAE Moovway ElegantFeaturing 6 gears and 3 assist modes, it is best suited for the city with its low circumference tires. Autonomy is minimal. It looks like an ordinary bicycle, and this reduces the risk of theft.
Supplied with headlight and fenders.

Flux One from Pure

7 Ah - 252 W/h 250W - 35 Nm 17.5 kg 1000 €

VAE PureLike Moovway's, it looks like a classic bike, this time with a canister-shaped battery. It has the advantages of light weight which increases autonomy, a belt instead of the chain which improves comfort but eliminates the choice of sprocket, larger tires.
No torque sensor for progressive assistance. No front shock.
Vision GM110 engine and Samsung cells.
No accessories.

Shengmilo M90

17 Ah 816 Wh 500W 48V 56 Nm 28 kgs 1300 €

VAE Shengmilo M90It is presented as a mountain bike, but is more of a mixed city and all-terrain bike. It is the heaviest of this selection, this is compensated by the power of the engine.
It has a single chainring and 7 speeds which does not make it suitable for the mountains, has good protection against the rain.
The speed of 40 km/h makes it fall into the category of mopeds. It is given for a range of 40-60 km.
It is fully equipped.

Rush from Rodars

10.4 Ah - 385 Wh 250W - 45 Nm 17 kg 1500 €

VAE Rodars RushA very light urban bike. Has almost complete equipment, only the mudguards are missing. 10 speeds are sufficient for its intended use. The Bafang motor is generally considered reliable as is the Samsung battery.
An LCD screen allows you to modify the configuration, the number of assistance modes for example, and the maximum speed, the limit of which depends on the country.
An accelerator can be added as an option.
Three sizes are offered.

Nakamura E-Crossover XV

12.8 Ah 460 Wh 250W 100 Nm 25 kg 2000 €

VAE Nakamura CrossoverMixed bike for universal use, it is available in three sizes and is fully equipped with even a luggage rack.
The dashboard allows many settings. The bike also connects with a smartphone via Bluetooth.
The high price is justified by a torque of 100 Nm, more than twice as powerful as that of ordinary e-bikes.

Explorer from Starway

17Ah 600 Wh 250W - 60 Nm 25 kg 2300 €

VAE Starway ExplorerThis smart bike has an algorithm to measure assistance and make use more flexible. The level of assistance depends on the pressure on the pedals. The gel saddle also contributes to comfort.
It has only one speed and you rely on the power of the engine to overcome the toughest climbs.
Kevlar tires reassure against the risk of punctures.
A machine made in France that is particularly easy to use.


360 Wh 250W - 35 Nm 14 kg 3000 €

VAE UrtopiaEntirely made of carbon fiber it is extremely light and in addition the flexibility of the material gives it a little cushioning even if it is devoid of shock absorbers.
It is equipped with all possible technologies, strap instead of chain, voice interface, GPS, Wi-Fi, 4G, anti-theft, etc...
The maximum speed is 25 or 32 km/h and the range between 50 and 130 km.
It is currently available at 3000 € on Ebay or 3200 € on CDiscount. Two sizes are available.


Coboc One Soho

9.7Ah 352 Wh 250 W 40 Nm 13.7 kg 3000 €

VAE Coboc OneCoboc has a line of bikes that look alike and all have two things in common: they look like regular bikes, and they weigh like a regular bike. This gives them unlimited autonomy since you can pedal without additional effort at the end of the battery...
The One is the simplest of the range, it has a single sprocket although it has a chain and at this price one would have expected a carbon belt.
Supplied partially or fully assembled, three sizes are available.

Eeyo 1s from Gogoro

123 Wh 250W 20 Nm 11.9 kgs 4000 €

VAE Gogoro EyoThe lightest electric bike in the world weighs 11.9 kgs, with a 43 volt battery integrated in the rear hub with the motor and the controller!. The manufacturer claims a range of 90 km in eco mode, which is surprising.
It only has two gears, no shock absorber but tires big enough to absorb the shocks. The list of disadvantages is long: non-adjustable saddle height, battery with continuous discharge, absence of equipment for example.
Connectable to a smartphone which is in fact the only possible dashboard.
Available in several sizes for cyclists of all sizes.