An electric bike for less than 1000€

Selection of quality ebikes at an affordable price, for the city or all terrain.

The autonomy of these models ranges from 40 km in maximum assistance mode to 100 km in the most economical mode.

Motor power is given in Newtons/meters. 40 Nm provide sufficient thrust in any case, off the mountain.

Nakamura E-Crossover S

375Wh 250W 45Nm 20 kg 999 €

VAE Nakamura E-Crossover SMixed bike for the city made partly in Taiwan.
Has 7 gears. The equipment is almost complete, only the headlights are missing.
Depending on the assistance, the range will be 40 to 60km.
Available in 3 sizes.

X-Tron C29

13Ah 48V 500W 45Nm 25 kg 930 €

VAE X-Tron C29This model is out of category since it reaches 45 km/h and therefore the conditions imposed on a moped will apply for its use on public roads.
With its 21 gears and large tires it can tackle all terrains.
Suitable for a height of 1.50 to 1.90 meters.
It is shipped from Germany in Europe.

Scrapper EXC LTD

16Ah 576Wh 250W 43Nm 19.5 kg M 999 €

VAE Scrapper EXC LDT

The Scrapper E-Urban 2.0 is at the same price, but with an open frame and lower capacities.
With a single chainring and 8 gears and wide wheels, it is intended for both city and off-road use.
Its 16 Ah battery gives it a range of 100 km.
It is not provided with any equipment.
Available in two sizes, M and L, the weight displayed here corresponds to the first.

Samebike SM26

8Ah 384Wh 350W 31Nm 21 kg 850 €

VAE Samebike SM2621 gears for mountainous trips but with the force of the wheels because the thrust is not the most powerful.
Its speed exceeds 25 km/h, the 350 W and the pure electric operating mode classify it rather in the category of mopeds which is a shame for a low-powered model.
Note the wheels without spokes, which reduces the chances of them being warped.
Like the Eleglide it offers almost complete equipment, without mudguards.
Suitable for people of medium size.

Eleglide M1 Plus

12.5Ah 450Wh 250W 45Nm 21.7 kg 800 €

VAE Eleglide M1 PlusWith a very classic design, it offers good performances for the city or the mountains. Its 21 gears and its 500 W boost mode will be useful in the second case. It is lighter than average.
The screen is complete and allows you to configure assistance.
For more information on this model, you can refer to our comparison, Eleglide M1 Plus vs Decathlon E-ST-100.

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