Football is Bad for Health

A survey on Italian soccer after a series of premature death shows that the risk of dementia, is ten times higher in football than in the population or in other sports (except boxing).

Borgonovo, a player, reached too by the disease at the age of 44 years, after seeing several of his colleagues to die, said: "The SLA is ruthless. It is as if we were forever locked in a room and that the walls get closer every day. " He can no longer move and he can only communicate through a computer that detects the movement of his eyes.

Neurodegenerative diseases are deformed protein aggregates causing defective in the brain, the main ones are the following diseases:
- AD.
- Parkinson's.
- ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
- Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or BSE.

The source of this degeneration comes from multiple shocks received by the brain during sporting activities and mainly American football players and boxers.

However, the biographies of the players of Italian championship shows that the SLA is also very common in European soccer. 40 players on the 30 000 tested in the survey are affected by this disease.

The causes regarding soccer are currently not well established. Shocks received when shooting the ball with the head seem the most likely source, but other hypothesis have been issued:
- Doping. But it is not specific to football.
- Insecticides used to maintain the lawn. However, this does not meet football players or golf.
- The abuse of anti-inflammatory.
- Overtraining.

It could also be a combination of these factors.