Jennifer Aniston and The Zone diet: How she remains slim

Jennifer Aniston follows a diet called The Zone. This name comes from the title of a best-seller, Enter The Zone , that zone is where we feel alert, fresh, full of energy.

The book's author, Barry Sears, is a former researcher in bio-technology from MIT. He reported many successes, celebrities and athletes who through this scheme have kept an eternally youthful silhouette.

Principle and scientific

The idea is to consume 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbohydrates. This prevents diseases related to excess of fat and give the required shape for sports activities.

This is not far from what advocates a classic, the food pyramid. But the proportions are different and the author does not ask that you consume fewer calories, but their nature changes.
Quick carbohydrates are mainly avoided, and it joined the principle of low glycemic index. What is peculiar here is that the author want not diet seen as an amount of calories, but rather as a means to control certain hormones.

It gives a scientific basis to this diet, but there is a lack of concrete studies on the subject.
Insulin helps to regulate fat storage. Another hormone, glucagon, regulates the release of glucose in excess in the liver. The purpose of the scheme is to balance the activity of these two hormones and this is based on what we eat.

Putting the diet into effect

A small amount of protein in the afternoon and another at late evening. Thus we define a meal with a serving of foods rich in protein (the size of the palm), followed by fruits and vegetables. Simple.

Carbohydrates, but not just any. Twice as slow carbohydrate foods: lentils, beans, fruits, the amount of protein.

A lesser amount of least slow carbohydrates: rice, pasta, bread, fruits such as bananas and cooked vegetables like carrots. There is no need to mention that simple sugars should be avoided.

Dairy products are consumed in very small quantities and must be low-fat, no sugar intake.

The scheme does not prohibit pastries or ice cream. They have the advantage of reducing the rate of carbohydrate absoption by the body. However, the amount should be very limited and they must be occasional. They contain bad cholesterol.


The Zone diet recommends the more protein and fat than does the food pyramid. It also advises the foods with high glycemic index.

Although the diet does not ask to reduce the number of calories, Jennifer Aniston takes a maximum of 1700 calories per day and this certainly contributes to her silhouette, as far as The Zone.


The Center for Science in the Public Interest added The Zone in the list of acceptable diets. It gives little credit to the scientific evidence but considers that the scheme is valid and has the advantage of being easy to follow.
Another consideration is that the regime plays down the importance of fiber that help eradicate hunger.

The website of Dr Sears explains his theories.

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