Do you lose weight while you are sleeping?

Where does the expression "who sleeps dines"? ("qui dort dine") . If this popular french expression is consensus, then sleep should help to lose weight!

Short answer

You lose more weight by sleeping than staying inactive (and watching the TV), but too much sleep is injurious to health and it is therefore not a means to consider if you want to lose weight.

Long answer

Do you lose weight while you sleep?

Yes, we consume calories while sleeping and we consumes more than sitting watching television, or being inactive, this is the result of a study published in the Obesity Review journal.

But however, other studies have shown that increased sleep was detrimental to health, including diabetes. So to sleep or prolonged naps does not seem to be the solution to lose weight.

Where does the expression "who sleeps dines"?

First source

It was an ad on the front of hostels in old times. He was asked to travelers who wanted to take a room, to also take a meal. Weary travelers, eager to go to bed could do without meals, a shortfall but most importantly, the post office had an obligation to provide bed so no income in itself.
Under this interpretation, therefore, nothing to do with any property of sleep!

Second source

The saying can also come from a quote from Greek philosopher Menander: "Sleep nourishes the one who does not eat." This source has the advantage of seniority!
All this does not prevent to wake up with the munchies... In this case, it is mainly a way to forget a time we have nothing in the stomach.