Food to sleep

Are there foods that help sleep? And on the contrary, could food be responsible for insomnia? To this, we will answer ...

Physiologie of sleep

Serotonin, made from the amino acid tryptophan, is a regulator of sleep. It has many other metabolic roles. Sport increases the production of serotonin.

The tyramide. Absorbed in excess it causes hypertension and release of dopamine which is a stimulant and that adversely sleep. Only the excess can be harmful.

Foods to sleep

The evening meal, if taken less than three hours before bedtime, should be light.

Lettuce infusion
Brew 100 grams of lettuce and drink it before going to bed.

Available in bags ready to brew, lime to soothing virtues and leads to a state conducive to sleep.

They are conducive to sleep with a precursor molecule of serotonin, tryptophan. Take a chocolate or hot milk early enough in the evening, may be a good idea.

Contains tryptophan.

Slow sugars
Cereals and other slow sugars (pasta) promote the production of serotonin. They also have the advantage of reducing the need for sleep.

Vitamin B6
It is conducive to sleep. It is found in fish, liver, rice, soybeans.

Food and insomnia

They cause either a poor sleep interrupted by unpleasant awakenings, or the inability to fall asleep.

It causes poor sleep interspersed with periods of wakefulness.

Coffee and tea
Consumed in the evening, like all exciting products, it prevents sleep. The same is true of all drinks containing caffeine such as colas.

Sugars and fats
Sugars have a rather exciting effect. Difficult digestion of fats can disrupt sleep.

The evening is the best time to eat lean meats. They help to synthesize serotonin. More specifically: white meat, veal, fish. Lentils, beans also fit perfectly.

Food rich in tyramine
It is a molecule that promotes alertness and therefore should not allow to sleep. It is found in tomatoes, pork, beef, cheese, fruits and vegetables, so do not abuse of them.


Diet has a direct effect on sleep. This is not the sole cause of insomnia, of course. To sleep well, be relaxed and avoid thinking about concerns and causes of stress in the evening.
Avoid also any sporting activity in the evening, it will be ideally performed before 19 hours.