Food and headaches

Some foods may prevent headaches because they contain minerals essential to good condition of the brain or they are involved in metabolism in general.

Migraines can have many causes, so they are different foods that can help relieve them.

Refreshing fruits

Because dehydration often occurs without anyone noticing, put some food-rich water in the menus is a convenient way to stay hydrated in a same invisible way.

Watermelon and melon are two fruits that will fill this role.

Potatoes and turnips

A loss in potassium occurs in many circumstances, because coffee is a diuretic, because of alcohol, or sporting activity, sweating in general.
It is a cause of migraine.
Some foods are rich in potassium, it is the case of the potato in particular but also other roots like turnips.


The case of coffee is tricky. It is both a cause of migraine because it is a diuretic, and a remedy because it counteracts the effect of products such as alcohol and certain foods (garlic) that dilate blood vessels. As a vasoconstrictor it has the opposite effect.

In addition, if you taken the habit of regular drinking coffee, withdrawal is a headache insured.
It is therefore necessary to take it each day as usual, but still not excessive.

Pasta, rice and bread

They are a source of carbohydrates, necessary for the functioning of the brain that consumes carbohydrates permanently.
A balanced diet should contain more carbohydrate than protein and fat. The imbalance favors the headaches.

Unlike simple sugars, which tend to pump water in the body and have a dehydrating effect, slow sugar deliver a regular supply of carbohydrates and energy.
In addition foods such as pasta, rice and bread contain a good proportion of water that is released gradually as well.

Almonds, cocoa and avocado

A magnesium intake helps reduce headaches. It is found in almonds, avocados, bananas, dried fruit.
Cocoa is also rich in magnesium, but the regular chocolate contains a majority proportion of simple sugars, and is therefore not the solution.

Water or milk products

Calcium along with magnesium and potassium, is another mineral that participates in the functioning of the brain. While it is rare to miss potassium (but can occurs occasionally), it is not the case for magnesium and calcium.
The two main sources of calcium are tap water and dairy products like yogurt. However some patients see in yogurt a cause of migraine.


When migraine is due to sinus congestion, spices may help alleviate overcrowding and therefore act against migraine.


The pressure of blood in the brain is a cause of migraine. Spinach is a vegetable that reduces blood pressure and thus relieves headaches.


Vitamin B2 is essential for brain metabolism, the deficiency is common and it is estimated a cause of headache.
We easily obtain a contribution from yeast and liver. To a lesser extent in wheat germ.


By combining these remedies will be:
- fluidify the blood (hydration),
- contract blood vessels,
- reduce blood pressure.
At the same time they provide the carbohydrates and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the brain.

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