Vegan children promised to death

Extrem vegan

Forcing them to follow a vegan diet, parents drive their children to the slaughterhouse.

That's the irony: for not to cause the death of animals, it leads to that of their own children, and two cases, one in France and one in the USA show this drama.

Diet is not something we can decide according to his fancy. It has long been advocated to calculate the diet according to the food pyramid, whose the latest scientific definition is that of Harvard, however this does not deter some to follow the most fantastic diets based on magazines whose the sole goal is to attract attention. It will not be long before the effects of deficiencies are felt, and that the negative effects lead to go to the doctor. But when it comes to his children, sometimes death occurs before this is the case.

For years, a couple in France followed a strict vegan diet shared by Louise their 11 month old child, that after they watched a program about how animals are butchered. The lack of vitamin A and B12 leads to a weakening of the immune system which made the children vulnerable to infections and caused an impromptu death. The couple was sentenced to several years in prison. There are actually each year many deaths of children due to veganism in the World.

American justice for its part, is more severe. An Atlanta couple was sentenced to life imprisonment after the death of their infant. Fed soy milk, he died of malnutrition. The justice found that the couple had not been paying attention to signs of poor health he had and that's why the sentence was so heavy.

Vegan children dead in the USA

The vegan diet is much more strict than just vegetarianism, because it prohibits any food of animal origin, including milk. This implies if we want to impose this diet to the infant, to deprive him of his natural food.

I do not know if those parents who were heavily condemned also had weaned their child breast milk. It is a product of animal origin, is it not!