Fat Food Reduces Cognitive Faculties

According to a recent study, a high proportion of fat in food, such as that provided by a meal in a fast-food with burger and fries, reduces both the physical and intellectual capacity.

The negative effect is immediate on short-term memory.

Experiments on rats showed that the same animals face the same puzzles, become much less effective when subjected to a diet rich in fats. And the decline of their capacity worsens with time. Their results are less conclusive when they accumulated days with a such diet!

But the study was not limited to laboratory animals, the same experiments were conducted on humans, and the results were the same.

Why diet high in fat reduces the intellectual capacity? The first assumption is that the body becomes less able to use glucose, the brain food when fat invade the body.

Another, which is in fact complementary as applied to physical abilities, is that the transformation of fatty acids cause the release into the body of proteins that slow its functioning. This aims to protect it, but that limits the use of oxygen and energy by the muscles.

We also know that fats, including those stored in the lap belt, make us more vulnerable to inflammations.

The slimming plan is not just a matter of aesthetics, it is a way to be in better health, and even to be a little smarter!

Doing some exercise is the best way to burn fat.