Food and wrinkles

Why 40 years old Japanese women seems to be 20? This can be explained by the lifestyle as much as food. And by comparing it with that of other regions, what is known about the diet gives many reasons that may explain a more sustainable youth as much as their greater longevity.

There is no genetic cause in this, Western people living in Japan and adopting the food of that country get the same extension of a young girl skin.

Zhang Zi Li, Miss World 2008


The Japanese diet as much as Chinese makes a large part to soy. The children drink soy milk as elsewhere we drink milk, and the difference is important.
Soybean is vegetal and so is devoid of fat and good for the skin.
The tofu, made from soy milk but in a solid form, could usefully replace yogurt in the diets of adults.

Green tea

Consumed daily in the east, it contains powerful antioxidants that help to repel the assaults of age.
Free radicals destroy cells and collagen in the skin they must be eliminated to protected the skin.
Unlike tea, soft drinks, are extremely harmful to health.
About coffee, it has its advantages and disadvantages, but is less beneficial than tea.

Brown rice

According to Naomi Moriyama, who wrote a book on the Japanese Diet, rice is another food that protects the skin. She even quotes an expression of his country: mochi-data that translates as rice skin, having skin smooth like a grain of rice.
The fact is that brown rice replaces meat in providing protein and contains vitamins B, useful in skin renewal.


Vitamins A, C and E helps maintain healthy skin. They are found in fruits and vegetables.
B vitamins are also useful directly and indirectly contributing to the development of immune system, thus fighting inflammations.

Sophia Loren, 70 years

Hydration and massage

As discussed below, skin should be protected by a sunscreen, not just when we go to the beach, but even everyday if it is sunny. But also we must moisturise the skin, and creams and soaps may offer this protection.
The Japanese also practice a facial massage focusing on areas where wrinkles appear. This may stimulate hormones (as does the acupuncture with serotonin) and cell reproduction.

The bad


It should be banned from food and completely replaced by carbohydrates. Sugar helps inflammation. It may therefore appear as acne, juvenile or late.
Unfortunately it is often hidden in food, in biscuits, yoghurt etc. ... We should re-read the labels of all foods that are usually eaten.


The sun causes other damages to skin. The Japanese do not care to tan, but instead want to maintain a pale complexion, and protects themselve the most often.
Excessive tanning promotes wrinkles (look at the faces of sailors), and the appearance of brown spots.
Fortunately there are products that help try to remove them.


If we were to have another reason to give up this vice, here's one. Smoking is bad for the skin, it gives a gray or yellow complexion. This is explained by its vaso-builder effect: by reducing the size of blood vessels, it interferes with feeding cell with oxygenation and removing toxins.


It is up to you to keep a complexion of a young girl (or boy) as late as possible. You can review your diet for cosmetic purposes without sacrificing a balanced diet, quite the contrary, and in addition gaining health benefits, a face of an actress, like that of Olivia Newton-John by example that is 62 years old but looks barely 45!

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