Rejuvenation by Flash Lamp

Flash lamps meetings, also known as photo-rejuvenation, allow in a proven way to safely rejuvenate the skin according to dermatologists.

How does it work?

A flash lamp emits a pulsed light (this is described in a patent filed in the United States in 1972 under the name of IPL, Intense Pulsed Light), which penetrates the dermis of the skin. It is filtered in order to send only rays with a wavelength corresponding to the red color, which in turn stimulates the production of collagen.

It is used for sustainable depilation, to reduce wrinkles and the removal of stains and other defects on the skin.

The meeting of flash lamp

At first must be completed a form designed to prevent any possible risks based on your health, drugs that you take.
An exfoliating scrub may precede the meeting for a perfectly clean skin.
The operation begins by coating the skin of a protective gel that will lessen the heat on the surface of the skin. Then a UV mask is in place to protect the eyes, with cotton.
Session starts pumping light that is not without experiencing the feeling. The lamp is guided by the hand of the operator who selectively chooses the areas.

The meeting lasted about twenty minutes and several sessions spaced for one month may be required so that the effects are visible. The number of meetings depends on the importance of defects to remove.


Photo-rejuvenation may be considered as a fresh alternative to other methods of lifting, but we prefer lotions such as Serum 7 for frequent use as an anti-wrinkle.