How much cheese in a sandwich?

When a sandwich is made of several ingredients, including a cheese of the type of gruyère or cheddar, it is possible (but not easy) to define the ideal proportion of cheese depending on other ingredients...

The formula is as follows (but there is concern that it is rarely used in the pizza):

And in a format usable by a program:

 w = [1 + ((bd) / 6.5)) - s + ((m-2c) / 2) + ((v + p) / 7t)] (100 + l/100)

With the following quantities:

 b (bread) the thickness of bread 
 d (dough flavor modifier) modifier scent of dough, the type of bread 
 s thickness of margarine or butter 
 v (sliced tomato) thickness of the slice of tomato 
 m thickness of mayonnaise 
 c (cream) cream to perfume 
 t (tanginess) various fragrances 
 p (pickle) quantity of pickle 
 l (leave) thickness of salad 
 w (weight) thickness of cheese

The result of the formula w is the thickness in millimeters of slice of cheddar or gruyère if the dimensions are the same.

The site Cheddarometer can help you to calculate your online thickness of cheddar.

Cheddar cheese is a controlled appelation to West Country Farmhouse Cheddar.
It contains less fat than gruyère, and that changes the formula (the quantity w reduced by 30%).

This formula was established by Geoff Nute, University of Bristol. But all this assumes the dimensions well formatted for ingredients, bread, tomato, etc.

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