Internet is good for the brain

Researchers at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), have studied groups of people using Internet or not and were able to conclude that its use improves the preservation of mental abilities. The age group was between 55 and 76 years and a half had used the Internet, the other not, but often read books.

To make these observations, they asked groups to search the Internet while an MRI scanner was collecting data on their neuronal activity.

And it appears that people who regularly use Internet have a greater brain activity than other people. The sole search activity is enough to train the brain. The scanner showed that reading in general activates dedicated areas of the brain, but not as much that the use of Internet and also that those who are used with it have a more intense mental activity than everyone else.

But we know that with age, brain activity plays an increasingly important role for the preservation of cognitive abilities: memory and intelligence. It therefore appears that according to this study, the use of Internet is a means to exercise our mental capacities and maintain the brain.