Alzheimer: Fast Food in Question

Made entirely on a commercial basis, and abandoning the lessons of centuries of tradition, fast food is an accumulation of health threats.

A Swedish researcher, Susanne Akterin (Karolinska Institutet) recently delivered the findings of his experiments on mice: food that is found in fast food favor the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

From mice to man

All types of neuronal damage are affected by this food rich in cholesterol and fat in general.
And even if the experiments were made on mice, the trend we see in their brain is similar to what happens in humans in the case of Alzheimer's disease.

Why cholesterol?

We know the effects of cholesterol on heart disease, it has the general effect to change substances in the brain by increasing those that accompany the onset of the disease.
Thus, the Tau protein, present in nerve degeneration, forming pathological aggregates, appears with the cholesterol and it also reduces the amount of another protein, Arc, which is needed for memory.

Source: Reuters.

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