Food and Cancer

How to adopt a diet that reduces the risk of cancer? We saw how many are the chances of surviving to cancer. In this article we will see the food they should avoid and those to be promoted to avoid incurring this disease.

Carcinogenic food

Carcinogenic mold

Most often, these fungi come from imported products. Some molds, such as roquefortine cheese has no toxicity even in large quantities while others lead to death, as they may cause liver cancer.
To prevent their appearance in the food, it is required to select products by their origin, have a refrigerator at the right temperature and avoid moisture in the refrigerator.


It is carcinogenic. It is more dangerous for women than for men and causes breast, larynx, liver, colon and rectum cancer.
To drink a glass of wine or other alcoholic drink a day helps cancer of areas from the mouth to the stomach.

Meat and fat

Animal fats are harmful and are not only cause of cardiac arrest but also generate cancers. Too much fat in general, whatever its origin is harmful. Avoid fried so. You should not abuse of butter and dairy products too.


Carbon is toxic not only by inhalation but also in food. Grills are not recommended, the best form of cooking is steaming.


Too much salt is harmful too, must be avoided as much as possible dishes that are heavily salted in the goal of conservation. Increase the rations of fresh produces. Use spices rather than salt.

Hydrogenated fats

This is another name for trans fatty acids. These contributions to the taste often found in cheap cookies are carcinogenic. Many countries have banned them in food.


It is not directly carcinogenic but it promotes the progression of cancer.

Foods that help to prevent cancer

Fruits and vegetables have a beneficial effect by detoxifying the body and eliminating free radicals. It is often repeated everywhere that we need to eat 5 a day, so nobody can ignore that.

Some foods are especially recommended:

Eating fish regularly reduces by 70% the risk of colon cancer. Omega 3 it contains have a beneficial effect against cancer and also against many other ills.

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