Miracle diet against the cardiovascular risk

While we talk of Polypill as a perfect cure against the risk of cardiovascular disease, the British Medical Journal, which popularized the concept, found now that Polymeal could be a better alternative.

What is polymeal?

It is a combination of foods deemed favorable to the fight against heart disease and cérabrale attack risk.

As for the Polypill that is a combination of drugs, the recipe is a combination of healthy foods determined by a statistical study on their relationship with the reduction of cardiovascular risk.

Finally, if you combine all these ingredients in the diet, it gives an effect similar to that provided by the Polypill which is a drug with some side effects. Risks are reduced by 75%.

If one omits one of the ingredients in the daily diet, the risk is reduced to around 70%.


Without any medication, it is possible to prolong life expectancy in a variable duration depending on the dietary habits and susceptibility to risk.
For the maximum effect, it is not enough of some foods but you must incorporate all the ingredients mentioned above and on a daily basis.


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