How to test online your health and fitness

They can provide eye tests, hearing, information about the condition of your body and health. This may go up to medical diagnosis online ...

Optical Test

Are you colorblind? What is your visual acuity. Different optical tests.
Note that video monitors have different color rendering, it can affect magenta-pink, lilac-purple ...

The image on the right test myopia: If placing yourself at less than a meter and you see Marilyn Monroe, the test is positive. With perfect vision it is the picture of Einstein that appears.
But looking at the picture from afar, everyone sees Marilyn.

Health Risks

The site of the University of Washington offers to test the risks you have of getting one of the most common ailments such as cancer, cardiac risk, diabetes, etc. ...
A questionnaire or a list of risks to consider for each disease.
Your Disease Risk.

Ideal Weight

This test calculate your ideal weight online according to various known variants. It is included here on .
Ideal weight.

Dietetic Assistant

Evaluates the input and balanced diet from your meals, provide an assessment with any deficiencies.

Medical diagnosis

I have experimented lot of these, and none is really satisfying.

Symptom Checker.
Site with many medical terms, this hurdled, it helps you define your symtoms and identify the disease you have. Too few symptoms are taken into account. Interesting list of disease for each symptom.

Add symptoms to get a diagnosis. Maybe the simplest tool, but not a very good interface. We should have a default value for each case. And we finish with no advice even with very common symptoms, and a map to the nearest doctor that is not the purpose of an online diagnosis tool (it is the opposite actually).