Culture and activities, a discovering

Go and discover the world of art and cultural works.

Chalk art

Drawings so realistic that passersby believed to enter the picture.

How to build a successful movie

You have no imagination and you need a sort of machine to multiply your scenario authoring abilities: here is the Matrix recipe.

Best free tools for video editing

List of free software to help edit your videos or convert the format.

Gamification of the workspace

Making fun at work may become the future.

Failures of big US firms

If you believe these big actors of Internet and business know what they do, you are wrong.

Surprises at Guatemala City

Travel here and be stunned.


WWF warns us against a future world disaster if nothing is done against deforestation.

Great Britain vs. United Kingdom

What is the difference?

Futuristic cars and other vehicles

These cars drive or fly or dive and they jump.

Force India: A pink panther in F1

Reactions to the announcement of the 2017 livery of the Indian team, color pink candy!

Crocodiles and alligators

Amazing photos and videos and a small encyclopedic card about saurians.

Propaganda posters during World War II

Allies, Russian and German were not afraid of caricatures.

Criminal affairs

Bad persons and their victims