Do not buy a house at Guatemala City

The entrance to hell is in Guatemala City. Entire buildings disappear overnight taking all the inhabitants except a few night owls.

A ground subsidence caused a hole 30 meters deep and 20 meters in diameter 31 May 2010 in Guatemala City, causing the disappearance of a hundred people (115 according to the latest estimates).

As you can see, the building at the corner of the block was submerged. It was a three-story building that has suddenly disappeared into the hole with its inhabitants. A house has also disappeared into the hole.

In Guatemala City always, another hole to hell already appeared February 23, 2007 which made 100 meters deep and 20 meters in diameter.

These giant holes are caused by the collapse of underground caverns, mined by the leakage of water pipes and sewers.

The earth swallows a street. Video.