Future Cars

Cars and other extraordinary vehicles... These cars drive or fly or dive and they jump.
You can already buy them, you can move with, but not without feeling eccentric ...


An electric car out of the ordinary, the Aptera is a plane without wings, and not a concept car, you can order it since 2007.

The company has received support from Google.org (the ecological foundation of Google) which is funding the project to 2.75 million dollars. The manufacturer had received 4,000 orders.

For about $ 25,000, lovers of originality can afford an electric or hybrid car, with three seats and three wheels.
Its weighs 400 kg or 700 kg depending on the particular model and its aerodynamics make it consuming less than one liter per 100 km!
Its length is 4.4 meters.




Terrafugia Transition

The prototype of the first true flying car made its first flight in a long range in February 2009.

The wings are to go on road and this is done in an automated fashion from the cockpit as opposed to competing prototypes.
Obviously, with this kind of car it is guaranteed to arouse curiosity, more than in Aptera.
This machine is being developed since 2006 with the help of engineers from the famous MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and will therefore finally prove itself ... if the attempt is a success!


The site: Terrafugia.

The company claimed to have 40 orders in 2009, although the award is $ 200 000 dollars.

The video shows the transition in the process of landing, then folding its wings and entering an ordinary garage.


Another video to show the vehicle more closely


It is both an outboard and a submarine inspired by the shape of a dolphin that is producing the Californian company Innespace. The latest toy for millionaires. There is improvement from the previous generation Innespace, the Dolphin.

This vehicle carrying two people can slip on the water like a jet ski or move under the surface, moreover, as the dolphin, it can also make leaps out of water.
Its speed is 45 mph on the surface and 20 under water. It can remain submerged for very long - depending on the number of people - with his air supply of 1500 cc.
The window uses the same polycarbonate material as the F-22 Raptor.
The upper wing has a vent that can evolve indefinitely underwater.

The Seabreacher sold $ 30,000.



Other unusual vehicles

Various methods have been invented to replace the wheels more effective on certain grounds.