Force India, a pink panther in F1

Reactions to the announcement of the 2017 livery of the Indian team, color pink candy!

The new Force India 2017 livery...

Force India rose 2017

Mercedes reaction on Twitter...

"On wednesdays, we will wear pink ..."

Force India et Mercedes sur Twitter

The reaction of Renault:

"We do not think we can to see us together from now on ...."

Force India et Renault sur Twitter

Nico Hulkenberg's misfortune is often mocked. Yet this time, having just left Force India for Renault, he seems to have been lucky and he says it with a tweet ...

"Now you finally understand why I left Force India."

Force India rose et Hulkenberg

Furious the team answers with another tweet ...

"We thought you LOVED those cute little pink things!"

Force India répond à Hulkenberg

Obviously all fans of F1 are unleashed on Twitter...

Force India rose sur Twitter

The reaction of Sergio Perez, one of the two drivers:

I do not think anyone would like to be overtaken by a pink car!

The shame!

Only the Queen of England is enthusiastic about this new livery ...

Force India rose, reine Elizabeth

This pink livery however is not there to resemble Queen Elizabeth. It is the color of the new sponsor BTW that brings a big lot of money (of course, it is necessary) to the Indian team.

BTW et lac Hillier

But why pink for a brand of drink? The water can be pink actually, as seen in this picture of Lake Hillier!